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I always buy prepaid international calling cards online is an online retailer of cheap calling cards, ideal for making low-cost international and domestic long distance phone calls anytime from any telephone. With over 3.2 million international calling cards sold, it is no wonder why many people trust us as their number one source for all their international long distance calling needs! [more]

Calling Card Features

Rechargeable Calling Cards
Add funds to your old pin without buying a new card. The feature enables you to use the same card's PIN over and over. [more]

Pinless Dialing Calling Cards
PIN free access allows you to configure the telephone numbers you most frequently call from when using a prepaid card. [more]

Speed Dial
Some of our cards are enabled with a Speed Dial feature which allows you to make calls to stored telephone numbers by pressing three keys only, rather than dialing a long phone number.

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Here you can easyly and instantly recharge your prepaid mobile. Add the minutes you need with prepaid cell phone refill cards or buy a new pre-paid wireless plan from AllTel, AT&T Wireless, STi Mobile, T-Mobile, TracFone, Verizon Wireless and many other brand name and smaller providers.

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Best International Calling Rates from USA
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cheap calling cards

Prepaid Phone Cards for Cheap Calls Within US

Rechargeable, Pinless Dialing Calling Cards

For Long Calls

saturn calling card

CheapStreet details
Maintenance Fee - 85 ¢/week
Service Taxes - 28 %
Rounding - 3 minutes
Local Access
0.8 ¢ /min

$20 - 32 hours


simple calls phone card

Simple Calls details

Maintenance Fee - 99 ¢/week
Service Taxes - N/A
Rounding - 3 minutes
Speed Dial
0.9 ¢ /min

$20 - 30 hours


For Short Phone Calls

super charge calling card

Super Charge details
No Maintenance Fee
Service Taxes - None
Rounding - 1 minute
Speed Dial
Local Access
1.0 ¢ /min

$20 - 33 hours


bizon phone card

Bizon details
Maintenance Fee - None
Service Taxes - 15%
Rounding - 1 minute
Local Access
Works from USA, Canada
1.4 ¢ /min

$20 - 21 hours


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... I have been very pleased with cards. They offer reliable calling cards with the best overseas rates, and their customer service is exceptional. The ability to recharge your card is quick and easy, allowing me to make calls right away. I will continue to buy their online phone cards to make my overseas calls in the future.

Janice Tomecek, Martinsburg, West Virginia   [more]

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